Triple Bristle Best Sonic Electric Toothbrush 2021

Oral hygiene is one of the essential tools you can have, which will help you in creating a good impression in front of new and old peers. Flashing your clean and bright smile will not only boost your confidence, but it will enhance the way others perceive you. No one wants to have bad breath or yellow teeth, so why waste your time with a manual brush?

We are presenting you with a reasonably unique and distinguished product that you may not have seen before. An electric toothbrush such as the Triple Bristle one is guaranteed to leave your teeth feeling squeaky clean, plaque-free, and minty fresh. A regular dental regimen that is inclusive of using an electric toothbrush will significantly transform your look and the state of your teeth!

Investing in an electric toothbrush may seem like a waste of money for most people, but we assure you that with this product, you will have no regrets. In order to provide you with the utmost satisfaction, we are curating a detailed review that entails all the features, pros, and cons of the mentioned product.

A device like the Triple Bristle is highly reliable, and once you start reading our review, you will see eye to eye with us. Please continue reading to find out more about this product so that you can make an informed decision about it!

Triple Bristle Best Sonic Electric Toothbrush Detail ReviewTriple Bristle Best Sonic Electric Toothbrush

The Triple Bristle toothbrush has a unique and innovative design that sets it apart from the other electric toothbrushes available to you on the market or online. The name gives away the design, as the brush utilizes three different brush heads at the same time, to get your teeth cleaner in one-third of the time as a regular brush.

The Sonic toothbrush is ideal for all those looking for a pearly white smile without having to brush their teeth for two minutes every time. You can get away with a quick spin across your teeth as well, given the cleaning power of three!

The patented three-sided brush head makes sure that it reaches all angles in your mouth at the same time. It provides you with 31,000 strokes per minute for fast action and in-depth cleaning of your teeth and gums. The speed and efficiency provided to you through the triple bristles allow you to achieve a clean mouth in a much faster period!

Another unique feature in the Triple Bristle toothbrush is the fact that the blue bristles in the brush head will gradually fade to white over usage, to indicate to you that it is time to find a replacement. Often we are so engrossed in our daily routine and work-life that we overlook replacing our brush heads at a timely period.

The bristles give you an automatic reminder, so even without wanting to, you are repeatedly told to change the brush heads because of the color change.

The design of the electric toothbrush allows people of all age groups to use it with ease since you can alter the speed and settings to your liking and cater to your specific needs. If you have sensitive gums, you have the option to brush your teeth at a slower setting, while if you need some vigorous cleaning, you can turn up the speed.

Altering the settings is an integral tool to safeguard and protect the integrity of your teeth and gums, regardless of age.

Charging the Triple Bristle toothbrush is a breeze, and you need to plug it into the charging station, where the indicator light on the handle will inform you about the battery status every time. The indicator light will keep you alerted each time you are out of battery, so you never have a day where you run out!

The three bristle head comes with three different cleaning modes to give you a variety of cleanliness. The first mode is high, while the second is soft, and the last one is the massage. You can vary the setting each day to ensure that both your gums and teeth are being taken care of in a proper manner.

For your benefit, there is a built-in timer that will ensure you are brushing your teeth for the allocated amount of time. The timer is an extraordinary took to build and develop good cleaning habits and to train yourself to brush your teeth for the recommended amount of time.

You are provided with a separate tongue cleaner to make sure that while you brush your teeth, you are taking care of your overall dental hygiene as well! The handle on the toothbrush is easy to grip, control, and guide as you navigate it within your mouth during brushing.

Additionally, you have a two-year warranty to give you the satisfaction that if anything goes wrong, you can easily replace your toothbrush.

However, the plastic shaft on the handle is not very durable, and it can tend to come apart after a few months of usage, especially if younger kids may be using it. When it comes to replacing the brush head, a few customers face difficulty in getting the old one out and the new one in.

Product Key Features

  • Three bristle brush head
  • Built-in timer
  • 31000 strokes per minute
  • Three cleaning modes
  • Tongue cleaner



✔️ Better cleaning in one-third of the time
✔️ Gets in all areas of your mouth
✔️ Accessible to charge and store
✔️ Suitable for all age groups


Low quality plastic shaft
Hard to replace the brush head

Final verdict

In conclusion, it is best to go over all the features and ensure that they align with your needs and requirements. With an array of different products available to you on the market, it is often a challenging task to narrow down and select one product. We hope that with our detailed review about this device, you might want to invest and engage with it, to test the high-quality features for yourself.

There are not many chances if any, for you finding a toothbrush with three cleaning bristles on the market! It is worth giving it a shot, as this product will not disappoint you with its fast speed, efficient cleaning, and versatility of use.

We hope you will enjoy the Triple Bristle brush, and it proves to be a long term cleaning partner for you. Happy shopping!

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