Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Rechargeable Toothbrush

Maintaining your oral hygiene can become a daunting task, especially if you have a busy routine or do not have enough time to spare throughout the day. When you manually brush your teeth, you need to individually, floss, and use mouthwash; however, with an electric toothbrush, it takes care of all your needs with one device!

The fast rotations and precision from the bristles on an electric toothbrush are unmatched to what you can achieve through a manual toothbrush. You will need to put in half the effort to double the cleaning! Oral health and care is an integral tool in looking presentable and well-groomed. Many people do not realize the importance of thoroughly brushing their teeth, and regret their decision later on in life when they face cavities and decaying teeth.

To avoid all the unfortunate dental care ordeal, you are advised to start prevention from the beginning, so you can be at peace and enjoy a clean and bright smile. Not only does well kept oral hygiene make you feel more confident, but it leaves a good impression on other people as well. When you walk into a room with white and bright teeth, you instantly attract the right kind of attention towards yourself.

Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Rechargeable Toothbrush Detail Review

Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Rechargeable Toothbrush Detail Review

Taking a look at this excellent toothbrush from Philips, an established and reliable brand across the globe, you can readily put your faith in the device. Philips has made a name for itself, so you do not have to worry before investing in a pricey but high-quality product from them. The Sonicare Diamond toothbrush comes with additional features that help to set it apart from the rest of the electric toothbrushes available to you on the market. With oral hygiene comes white teeth, which go hand in hand and help enhance each other!

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The Sonicare Diamond toothbrush comes with additional features that help to set it apart from the rest of the electric toothbrushes available to you on the market. With oral hygiene comes white teeth, which go hand in hand and help enhance each other!

The Sonicare toothbrush mentions ‘diamond clean’ in the name as an indication of the whitening qualities of the device. The bristles use a unique diamond clean technology so that not your teeth are not just cleaned but also whitened over consistent usage over time. The whitening formula is guaranteed to start showing you results within a week, which is reassuring for someone investing a decent sum into this electric toothbrush. The bristles use 31,000 rotations per minute to gently cover the surface of your teeth through circular motions, to push fluid deep into the spaces between your teeth for efficient cleaning.

Alongside the teeth whitening, the brush also comes with five different cleaning modes, including clean, white, sensitive, gum care, and deep clean. The variety in modes will help to cater to all the specific needs of each user and provides you with a well-curated brushing routine. For all those who are old, or maybe suffering from weak gums, the sensitive or gum care modes will end up being the perfect cleaning option. Similarly, anyone wanting to clean any plaque and residue between their teeth thoroughly can avail of the deep clean mode. You can easily switch up the modes daily, and ensure that all parts of your mouth are being taken care of!Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Rechargeable Toothbrush

The brush is suitable to be the best electric toothbrush for all age groups, as there is a setting for everyone, and you can easily adjust them to your liking. For your convenience, the brush also comes with a travel case that can easily be connected to your laptop through a USB, so you can charge your toothbrush while you are on the go as well! Whether you are on the plane, in your hotel room, or sitting at a foreign café, charging your device will not be an issue. The brush is the perfect traveling buddy for all the adventure lovers, or busy employees, who spend a large chunk of their time on the go!

The ‘Adaptive Clean’ brush caters to removing up to ten times more plaque compared to manual toothbrushes, so you know that it is a good investment. Although this may sound like a big claim, the toothbrush is well equipped to live up to it as well! Despite the brush head reaching into all hard to get spots in your mouth and deep cleaning your teeth, it works gently and helps to protect your gums and teeth.

The toothbrush uses a built-in timer to keep track of how long you brush your teeth. The timer is a great tool to build a habit of brushing your teeth for the dentist-recommended two minutes. The timer alerts you each time, so over a few weeks, you will automatically be in the habit of waiting for the timer to hit two minutes!

Another cool feature about the Sonicare bush is that it comes with a glass charger, where you have to place the brush back into the glass container and watch the magic unfold.

The glass container is the perfect solution for not only storing your brush in your bathroom but also leaving it to charge without any trouble. Philips also provides you three different interchangeable brush heads so that you can choose one according to your liking.

The replacement brush heads also make it easier to use the brush for longer, without having to worry about changing the bristles!

However, taking a look at the consumer reviews for this electric toothbrush, it can be determined that regardless of the hefty price tag, the battery only works well for a span of a few weeks. The customers also said for a brush this expensive; they did not expect it to give in this quickly.

Product Key Features

  • Diamond Clean brush head
  • Three interchangeable brush heads
  • Five cleaning modes
  • USB and Glass charger
  • Smart timer

✔️ Gives you a variety of brush attachments to choose from
✔️ Provides you with teeth whitening as well
✔️ Option to change settings to target each area of the mouth
✔️ Quick charging


Weak battery

Final verdict

Keeping in mind all the pros and cons of this electric toothbrush, the good outweighs the bad! The brush is the perfect partner to achieve those pearly white teeth in time for your job interview or your friend’s wedding. The toothbrush will not make you regret your purchase and will prove to be a long time cleaning solution for you.

An investment you make for yourself, and better oral care, will last you a lifetime of money saved from dentist visits! The easy to use electric toothbrush will make brushing your teeth, and maintaining oral hygiene a walk in the park for you.

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