Fairywill Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Adults and Kids 2021

An electric toothbrush will be a lifesaver for all those users who continuously face the issue of poor oral hygiene. You can easily double the cleaning and half the effort with the ideal electric toothbrush, and with the Fairywill Sonic toothbrush, you can enjoy all these benefits on a budget! We often tend to overlook the importance of our dental health, even though it is just as important as our physical well-being.

Poor oral hygiene can be detrimental to you over time and may lead to severe issues like root canals, extractions, and decaying teeth.

If you want to save yourself the hassle and struggle of battling with bad breath, yellow teeth, and decaying gums, it is time to invest in good quality and heavy-duty electric toothbrush.

In our review today, we are providing you with one of the best electric toothbrush, which will not only provide you with the mentioned benefits, but it will be mindful of your budget! Everyone wants to have a clean and white smile, though not everyone can afford the hefty price tag of most electric toothbrushes.

You do not have to worry! With today’s product, we have kept in mind the quality and your budget, so you can enjoy and take advantage of the benefits of an excellent device.

We have shortlisted this great electric toothbrush after much deliberation, and have weighed the pros, cons, and features for your benefit. Please continue reading to discover more about the Fairywill Sonic toothbrush, so you can conveniently click on the link and purchase it on Amazon within a matter of minutes!

Fairywill Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Adults and Kids Detail Review 2021Fairywill Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Adults and Kids 2021

The Fairywill Sonic electric toothbrush is among the top tier of excellent products that will feed all age groups in your home, whether you count it for you or for your children. This toothbrush is constructed in a way to alternate settings for the brush to keep in mind the needs of every individual.

The brush makes sure to provide 40,000 strokes every minute, which is an obvious speed for brush and ensure that all areas in your mouth are brushed.

The brush’s speed is efficient in getting rid of buildup and plaque not only on the top level, but also between and other side of your teeth. The bristles will reach into those dark and hard to reach crevices of your mouth that are often overlooked during your brushing routine.

The brush puts out eight DuPont head attachments that can last for 2-years. The DuPont bristles are made from unique nylon that is gentle on your teeth and prevents you from damaging or harming your gums and oral health.

The quality of the bristles makes the brush head long-lasting, prevents it from shedding, and helps in safeguarding the integrity of your teeth.

The changeable bristles make it more convenient for your use as you do not have to keep buying them for a longer period. The replacements provided upon purchase are great for all the users who are busy in the corporate world or often find it hard to balance their work and personal life. Now you won’t have to make frequent grocery runs for brush heads!

Among the given brush heads, it comes with six soft bristles and two stiff bristles, to provide you with diversity to change them if need arises. The variety of intensity levels makes it great to use by a variety of users and age groups!

The brush head is designed in a ‘W’ shape that ensures it reaches the contours and grooves of your teeth with ease and gets rid of the buildup and plaque. The plaque is systematically broken down and eradicated by the unique shape and bristles on the sonic toothbrush.

The bristles have a color reminding feature, if the blue color fades over time, it reminds you to replace your brush head. Especially for all those lazy heads who forget to change their brush, this feature is a plus.

This toothbrush has five different cleaning modes- whitening mode, cleaning mode, massage mode, sensitive mode, and polishing mode. The whitening mode utilizes the 40,000 strokes every minute that ensures it leaves the surface of your tooth whiter and brighter, while the massage mode is useful for all people who have sensitive teeth and gums.

The polish feature is a plus feature that helps to remove all stains from your teeth, to be noted for all those coffee drinkers and smokers.

The American Dental Association approves this device, so you must know that your product is already high-quality and accepted from the associations. You can quickly charge your brush anywhere and anytime with the universal adapter you get with the brush, so this is your perfect travel equipment.

However, the Fairywill faces a few complaints, among which the customers are said not to feel like their mouth was clean enough after using the device.

As this brush cleans your teeth by vibrations, which is a sensation some people may not like it, this may not be as efficient in entirely removing the entire gunk from the surface. By the movement of this brush, many people saw the optimal cleaning time of your teeth is to be more than two minutes, which is definitely not eligible if you are in a hurry.

Product Key Features

  • Has five effective cleaning modes
  • 40,000 strokes every minute
  • ‘W’ shaped brush head
  • Has 8 replacement bristles
  • Global charging adapter

✔️ Suitable for every age group
✔️ Recommended by associations
✔️ Replacements can last longer than two years
✔️ Bristles fade in color informing about replacement


Vibrations are felt weak
Cleaning time must be increased

Final verdict

All in all, the toothbrush is a fantastic tool for all the newcomers into the world of electric toothbrushes. The device helps in getting the cleaning job done in an efficient manner, without being too harsh or abrasive on your teeth and gums.

Similarly, the company keeps your budget in mind and provides a high-quality yet affordable cleaning device, so that you can equally enjoy all the benefits like your peers. It is highly important to regularly take care of your teeth while being gentle on them, which is something you can quickly achieve with this product.

We hope you found our review helpful and that a few of the features resonated with your needs and requirements. Products recommended by us never fail to impress, and you will surely not regret your purchase with this toothbrush. Happy shopping!

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